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This is a planning page for a SLed ride...


Image courtesy of Rgusick

Not that kind of sled, this will be a tour of Second Life educational facilities and projects - SLEd being a word used by leading Australian SLEducationalists Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald.

This tour is being organised for the Webstock Mini in Wellington at 5pm on 19 June 2007 (+12 GMT).


17.30 (+12 GMT) = Leigh joins the tour in Second Life. A view of the tour will be projected for those in the audience who'd rather keep an observed distance. Other projectors will show slide shows and silent movies. The tour will help demonstrate the social and shared nature of this 'virtual world' experience while touring educational venues, chatting about the pros and cons of learning through Second Life.

17.50 (+12 GMT) = Leigh focuses on showing a selection of movies about Second Life and Open Croquet followed by a couple of old rants to stimulate discussion:

Taking part in the tour

Let's try Voice

How about grabbing the SL voice enabled client and we'll give voice a burl.

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