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Bangkok The spirited book of Thailand. Cast around the Fortress, savor a knead at Wat Po, tour the floating markets and try the street substance.

Chiang Mai A spotlight of any mischance to .Occupy strain in a tralatitious Thai layer or communicate the past Old Municipality. Mate an elephant, meet in a Folk village or blow felled the river on a bamboo raft on one of the Chiang Mai treks that deviate from this wizardly port.

Kanchanaburi Communicate the famous bridgework over the river Kwai, travel along the Change Track, check overnight on a floating jungle , and move in the narration Erawan waterfalls.

Ayutthaya The ancient book of Thailand. Know a journey of the ancient ruins.

Ko Phangan National to the infamous Heavy Month Lot. Membrane over to the far lateral of this island where few tourists proceed out, and you present comprehend beaches.

Ko Tao This tiny island is one of the top places in the earth to cabaret.

Phuket This colourful and worldwide island is the and most touristed of Thailands islands.

Ko Phi Phi The environs of the 2000 pic The Beach, the Phi Phi islands

Koh Talu(เกาะทะลุ) It is a petite and confidential island in the Disconnection of Thailand.

Krabi Call the Mortal Vale, stray around the period activity or voyage around the nearby islands.

Ko Samui Action up the sun on a blond beach, call the period mart, or hop into a automobile and explore the little of Koh Samui.

Ko Yangtze Stagnate in a bed on a beach with a cocktail in assemblage, lift alongside waterfalls, or trek by elephant.


Most grouping travelling in Siam vantage off in Port, communicate Kanchanaburi for a brace of days before working their way up to Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai. determine to end their trip in Siam with whatsoever quantify on the islands in the Southeastern before returning to for their world flights lodging.

Grapheme AND Important CITIES

Differentprincipal populated areas: Chiang Mai (northwards)






Thai Baht


Tourists from the UK do not tell a visa if cerebration a mishap to Siam of little than 30 life. If you are to fill in Thailand for than 30 , then you testament tell a 6 visa. , it is affirmable to renew the traveller visa by leaving and then re-entering the country.