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eXe for everything!!

I'm currently working at the University of Mauritius in the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies as an Instructional Designer. One of my duties is the creation of websites for putting course online. I've mostly worked on Dreamweaver and produced some okish-looking educational websites. My husband owns a men's suiting business and has been asking me for quite some time to create his "Prim and Sober looking website"..but somehow we've never sat down to task....Never, till I was introduced to this really neat piece of software called eXewhich stands for eLearning XHTML editor. (BTW it was in the same Bootcamp that John Lesperance talks of in the previous accounts).

Since then, i've been organising demos and presentations to my friends, family and collegues to show them how this simple-to-use (without getting into html and tagsand stuff) piece of software can create amazing looking websites..ranging from simple showcasing of products(the one for my husband) to sophisticated self-instructional educational websites..integrated with sound instructionally designed scaffolding activities like quizzes and reflective exercises.
My husband really liked the zooming camera effect and is getting very excited about creating his website with picture galleries and zooming effects on the "finer details of his suits". The look and feel of the webpages can be modified according to your target audience and topic by a simple click on a drop-down menu.
As a teacher or lecturer, the hierarchical navigation menus and instructional devices (iDevices) allow you to organise your Teaching material into very neat chunks of learning objects.
The picture above shows a course that we have integrated into Moodle as a scorm package. What is really nice is the tracking ability that shows the student/teacher the pages that have been accessed and activities that have been attampted.

Also, if you're into socio-constructivist approaches and would like to have your course on an elearning platform..Moodle.. par exemple, then you simply zip your files into a scorm package and export it to your platform ..et voilà! you have your website sitting next to your Forums, chats, Learning journals, Wikis.