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Martin Dougiamas, Founder and Lead Developer of Moodle


The most precious thing when working on Free Software is time. The software is free but people's time is incredibly valuable.

In the early days of Moodle, I made a lot of time for myself to study computer science and education so that I could develop the Moodle platform to a point where other people could make use of it. However, a lot of my time these days is taken up with working out how to make the best use of other people's time, organising and structuring the community and the industry to help each other in a way that makes the whole thing sustainable.

The sheer amount of time and energy of people in our community (150,000 strong) is awe-inspiring. Once you figure out how communities function the possibilities are endless, as all this energy can be put towards common goals and everyone benefits.

I wish I had more time to work on pages like this. :-)


I hope Moodle can speak for itself. To find out more about Moodle and the community, see http://moodle.org/