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Auckland, New Zealand

Software Freedom Day

We will start at 10am on Saturday on the corner of Queen Street and Victoria Street. We will have a table, a PC, Some fliers about open source software, Ubuntu CD's and 50 OpenOffice CD's. If there is demand we will get some T Shirts printed.

Plan is to do some software demonstrations, and then to canvas Queen Street giving out fliers.

At 11am we will have a visit from Nandor who will give a brief speech about open source, and stick around for a while to talk about open source.

After 12pm we will probably go somewhere for lunch and a chat among NZOSS members about what we are doing and how we can generate some more interest and support for open source.

After lunch we will hit Queen street again for a few hours giving some more demonstrations, and probably pack up about 2-3pm.


Every day is software freedom day.

Open source promotes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code.

When I first introduced a wiki to the eXe project Wayne would print the pages out, annotate them in pen and hand them to me - Now he runs the WikiEducator wiki.






http://fedoraproject.org/ -- 100% free and open source choosing not to ship any proprietary software or binary drivers.