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COL is still using an old “486” class computer, with RedHat Linux o/s and Majordomo conferencing software to run its “virtual conferences”, e-mail discussion groups. We first installed this system almost 10 years ago. E-mail-based discussions (with web-based archives) work better because:

  1. it is immediate. When postings arrive in in-boxes, or filtered folders, people are more apt to participate (perhaps post, but at least read) than they are when they have to visit a web site.
  2. for participants in the developing world, e-mail is much more reliable and practicable (e.g., time and cost) than web access is.

One drawback, I have to admit, is that COL does not have in-house expertise in Linux or Majordomo software so we have to rely on an outside consultant for programming and maintenance.

Dave Wilson, Communications Manager, Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada.