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The objective of this project is to

  • Orient IGNOU faculty members in the adoption of Scenario Based e-Learning designs especially in its professional programmes;
  • Develop competency among participants in successfully employing SBeLs designs in the teaching;
  • Developing competency among participants in the use of SBeL that is consistent with their performance improvement in learning and teaching;
  • Enable participants to integrate scenario-based e-learning in existing programs;


The project outcomes are

  1. A group of faculty members at IGNOU with expertise in instructional design and exposure to Scenario-Based e-Learning, who will be able to provide leadership and assistance to other IGNOU faculty over a period of time.
  2. A suite of learning and teaching scenarios developed for each one of the selected subjects. A package of scenarios containing at least one scenario based e-learning material in each professional area involved
  3. A teacher’s guide/handbook/manual on Scenario-Based e-Learning.

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