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'''"Rupsha Upazila"'''

Rupsha Upazila is one of the Upazila which means the administrative subdistrict of a district municipality of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are 360 Upazila's and Upazila is one of the sub-section of Zila which is the sub-District. Rupsha Upazila is located in Khulna [1] and it is the North-Eastern part of Khulna Zilla. The administrative headquarters of Rupsha Upazila is located in the village Kaizdia which is about 15 Kilometers far from the downtown Khulna City.

The Upazila Chairman is the head of the Administration and it is run by the publicly elected leaderships. The Upazila system in Bangladesh was introduced by former Presidnet of Bangladesh Hussain Muhammad Ershad and Sk. Hafizur Rahman was the 1st Upazila Chairman of Rupsha Upazila from Village Rajapur. Alam's family comes from Rupsha Upazila of Khulna Bangladesh.

Rupsha Upazila is famous for it's industrial seetings. The current Upazila Chairman is Ali Akbor and was elected as the Upazila Chairman in 2009.