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Rubric for assessing e-portfolios created by Group 4 at VSU workshop

Category Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Focus Purpose unclear or not stated, does not speak to intended audience Some indication of purpose, does not adequately address intended audience (includes inappropriate content) Adequately states purpose, fits most needs of audience Fulfills purpose with only minor omissions, directed towards appropriate audience.
Flow Disorganized, lacking professionalism, hard to follow (not user-friendly). Information presented lacks some professionalism in quality & organization, address some of the relevant content areas, able to follow (not intuitive) Information in logical sequence, most relevant content areas are addressed, able to follow with only minor distractions Logically organized, interesting sequence, addresses all relevant content area and easy to follow with no distractions
Narrative Poor control of language, with frequent grammatical and spelling problems. Unfocused narrative with no connection to purpose. Reader is unengaged from the story/journey. Occasional major or frequent minor English errors. Simplistic story with limited connection to purpose. Brings reader into limited aspects of the story/journey. Effective control of language. Full development of story with connection to purpose. Brings reader into most aspects of the story/journey. Outstanding control of language. Engaging and full development of story with strong connection to purpose. Brings reader fully into each aspect of the story/journey.
Evidence Made an attempt to use some sources, at least one is irrelevant to the narrative. Relevant resources given but inadequate in number. Relevant resources given and adequate in number. Level 3 quality plus integration into narrative.
Reflection Missing or very little evidence of self-awareness, or connection to experiences (personal and educational) Evidence of self-awareness, connections made to experiences (either personal or educational) Implied connections of both types, implied evidence of growth, future plans implied. Explicit connections of both types integrated into narrative; specific evidence of growth, future plans stated
Creativity / Originality Shows format and display in a minimally creative manner Shows some elements of format and display creative manner Shows several elements of format and display in a unique and creative manner Shows many elements of format and display in a unique and creative manner. Entire portfolio exhibits an individual personality.
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