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A bridge it not just a simple construction. The bridge consists of a status of something of bigger importance than some construction constructed for bypassing an obstacle. To undertake . is always to bring people together by connecting a land split by river, canyon, bay, etc. Some of the bridges besides for crossing over will cause admiration to all or any that visits it. Types of bridgesThey also been built since ancient times. Possibly the first bridge would have been a river over a small river stream. However, much is changed and from now on we notice all types of bridges. A variety of types of bridges are perhaps the evolution of technology and modern living. These people are categorized in a number of categories. Every bridge is categorized according martial arts, the design, the size, as well as the traffic how they need to endure, etc. Martial arts is probably the a means to categorize different bridges.bridges Stone and wood were the regular materials that were utilized for building bridges. Nowadays steel and concrete should be the mainly utilized materials. In terms of the dimensions lots of small, medium or big bridges. With a small example the actual largest bridges is in China that is 164.8 km long. Each and every recording which bridge are the smallest one. The type of traffic that needs to be built for is another way to categorize bridges. Most are specially for the purpose of railway traffic, some for cars and trucks and most for walking only. However, it takes to be mentioned that some are constructed to withstand an array of traffic. Open public to use usually multi - level bridges this could withstand railway, vehicle and trucks in addition. These include usually the greatest and also most robust ones. An array of famous bridges for the world are: Brooklyn Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge in Silicon Valley, Ponte Vecchio in Venice, Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, Tower Bridge in London, etc. Even though that these are some of the most popular bridges there's a lot of others that many would say are more desirable designed and constructed than these bridges. The thing that we occasionally miss to mention about different bridges can be the designers and builders of those bridges. Currently being a bridge builder was usually considered as a noble industry. Those who that build bridges were respected included in the community to make the job they do. That is something which is common for every single corner of the world certainly where an bridge is built.