Revolution, Liberation Wars, and International Relations

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Workers and Peasants' Revolutions

Causes and justifications: in Russia (1905 - 1917); in China (1925-1949); the Algerian Revolution; the Ethiopian Revolution; the Zanzibar Revolution.

Liberation Wars

Causes and justifications: the Vietnam War of Liberation; the Korean War of Liberation; the Angolan and Mozambique Wars of Liberation; the Guinea Bissau and Polisario Wars of Liberation; Namibia War of Liberation; in 1979 Uganda War of Liberation.

Lives of Great Liberation and Revolution War Leaders

Ho-Chi-Minh; Dr. Amilcar Cabral; Kim II Sung; Samora Machel; Dr. Augustine Neto; Che Guevara; Robert Mugabe and Joshua Mkomo; Mat tse-Tung; Ben Bella.

International Relations

Uganda's foreign policy; interstate conflicts, causes and efforts to resolve hem; conflicts between the nuclear powers, USSR and USA and their effect on Africa; the arms race; imperialist sabotage, coups and wars in the third world and their effects.


The charter, conditions for membership; achievements and problems.