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Retired Contributors

Do retired members of WikiEd need a page of their own, for mutual support, problem solving, common experiences? If so, this can be it. Your contribution is invited. I need mutual support as I would like help getting the work I have done on a course in the history of art and architecture around the world ( on WikiEd. I am not sure how to do this and am not sure I have the time because I am taking the Moodle course starting Jan 4 and continuing to develop the art history site. I am also looking for anyone who would like to collaborate with me on the development of the material going forward. Thank you so much for asking! Katherine Bolman Katherine Bolman

List of Members

Count me in. This is exactly what I talked about at the Wikimedia Conference in Tokyo. Report here Wikimedia_Conference_Japan_2009 and the slides of the presentation [1]
--Nadia El Borai 01:59, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

Katherine Bolman