Restart the computer

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The appropriate routine

Follow the same method as for shutting down the computer except for the last step in which you select the Restart computer button.

Shut down a non-responding application

It may happen that an application freezes and will not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard commands.

For simplicity a sequence of menu options such as the above will be indicated as: Start Application->System->System Monitor

1. Give the application a while. It sometimes happens that a non-responding application wakes up.
2. Click on the Start Applications icon.
3. Click the following in sequence: Applications->System->System Monitor.
4. Click the Process tab.
5. Select All Processes.
6. Highlight the non-responding application.
7. Click the End Process button to shut down the application.
8. When done, Monitor->Quit or press Ctrl-Q or click the Close icon in the top right of the screen.

What to do if the entire system freezes

If the entire system freezes, do not immediately switch of the system with the power switch. This could cause serious damage to the entire system. This is only a final resort. The most likely cause of a frozen system lies with the GUI.

1. Wait a while. The system may wake up of its own accord.
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.

This will cause you to lose all unsaved work, but it will preserve the system itself.