Resources for Determining Risk/Assessment

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Globe for WikiEducator.jpg Unit 1.3- Resources for Determining Risk 

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1. It is essential to validate resources by cross referencing:

a. a reliable resource you have used in the past
b. multiple sources containing the same information
c. an official government website containing the same information
d. the latest news publication

2. The best place to find the most recent data is on:

a. printed publications from the current year
b. government statistic bureaus
c. international organization publications
d. websites that have been updated with in the last 30 days

3. The main source of information for foreign country statistics can be found at:

a. local newspaper sites
b. international organization sites
c. official government or travel/tourism sites
d. U.S. government sites

4. The U.S. Government agency that provides the most thorough international trade data and statistics is:

a. the Commerce Department
b. the State Department
c. the Treasury Department
d. the Department of Defense

(Correct answers: 1=b, 2=d, 3=c, 4=a)