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Dr. Ballegu has extensive research experience. In the past ten years (1998 – 2008), he has been involved in a number of multidisciplinary research projects. Some of these projects are multi-departmental while others are multi-institutional and yet others are multi-national in nature. For multi-departmental projects (i.e. those involving researchers from different departments within the same institution), he has been (and is still) involved in a number of projects at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA, Tanzania). He was also involved in one project at Kansas State University (KSU, USA) (1998 – 2001). For multi-institutional research projects (involving researchers from different institutions within the same country), he has worked with researchers from a number of National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs0 in Tanzania (Kibaha, Kilosa, Cholima etc). Lastly he has worked in a number of collaborative research projects involving researchers from different institutions in different countries. Through this arrangement, he has worked with researchers from the USA, Norway, Mozambique and Zambia. See attached CV