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Sportscience Department: Kyambogo University

it is expected that by the end of the course you produce one research paper. Therefore take up one of the topics below

Students doing research consider doing some of these topics for your work

  1. The professionalization of sports coaching in Uganda-Myth or reality?
  2. The professionalization in Uganda soccer: An analysis.
  3. Drugs in sports: The amateur Ethos in a professional world?
  4. Professionalization and bureaucratization of sports organizations.
  5. The changing social Body as a background for changes in women’s sports practice.
  6. Social class and physical education in primary schools: a comparative study of physical education in two urban primary schools.
  7. Golf and social class. A barrier to participation.
  8. Soccer league: an insight into the marketing and finances of clubs since the 1990’s
  9. An investigation into the relationship between the mass media and the commercialization of contemporary sport.
  10. Disabled people in sport: barriers and breakthroughs. The case of …………….
  11. An investigation into the degree of inequality in co-educational physical education with relation to the female gender.
  12. The development and significance of sport in the Deaf community.
  13. The development of sport for the disabled community
  14. The development of doping in sports
  15. A sociological examination of drugs in sport in Uganda
  16. The role of sport in the development of women’s body image
  17. An investigation into the degree of inequality in co-educational physical education with relation to the female gender
  18. Muslem Women in sports. A case study of Kyambogo University
  19. Past, present, and future: a sociological overview of women’s football in Uganda
  20. The phenomenon of Aerobics and bodybuilding: the involvement of women
  21. A review of issues of Educational Equality and Equitity with particular reference to Girls' physical Education in Urban schools
  22. The status of women in sport and in Representative sport in Uganda
  23. A study on the presentation of women in Sport by the media
  24. The participation of Female in school physical Education and Sport
  25. An Examination of the Gender Inequalities in sport in Uganda
  26. Sport, Exercise and Health in Uganda
  27. The consequences of sport upon the Physical Health of people
  28. Health-related exercise and lifelong participation:a sociological analysis of a "marriage of convenience" in Physical Education
  29. An investigation into the Relationship between the Mass media and the commercialization of contemporary Sport
  30. Sport and Nationalism- A case study of Sports federations and associations in Uganda
  31. Gender Stereotypes in sport and physical activity in Uganda
  32. Physical Education and Islam: a Field study Investigation into an Interface of Cultures
  33. The participation of female in School Physical Education and Sport- a case study in Northern Uganda
  34. A Study of Uganda Secondary School Head Teachers Attitude Towards Physical Education