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Research Papers Published

“Linear Waves in an Imperfect Anisotropic MHD Fluid in a Relativistic formalism”

Sushil K. Singh & Subhash Kumar
Spacetime and Substance, Vol.6 (2005), No.3 (28), pp 128-131
physics/0407034 (July 2004)

“Variable Chaplygin gas: Constraints from CMBR and Sne Ia ”

Geetanjali Sethi, Sushil K. Singh, Pranav Kumar, Deepak Jain & Abha Dev
International Journal of Modern Physics, D15(2006) 1089-1098
astro-ph/0508491 (August 2005)

“FB asymmetries in the B => K*l+l− decay: A model independent approach”

A. S. Cornell, Naveen Gaur & Sushil K. Singh
hep-ph/0505136 (May 2005)

Talks Given

“Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature at High Redshifts”

Astronomy & Astrophysics Summer School
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India
June 1995


Department of Physics and Astrophysics
University of Delhi, Delhi, India
September 2004

“Optics: Interference and Diffraction"

Master Training Programme
DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar, Delhi, India
17th May 2005


Olympiad Training Programme
Amity University, NCR Delhi, India
October 2007
October 2008