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Educational repositories

Educational repositories usually offer a search function to search directly in the repository for special subjects. Coming back to the search for the following search phrase (see “search engines/search with keywords”):

"History of Western Art and Civilization"

please follow the guided search in the repository “connexions”. This way you don’t have to search the whole web via a keyword search but going directly into an educational repository to search for the special subject.

What to do?

1. Select the repository “connexions” from the list of selected educational repositories to open the home page of this repository.

2. Click on “Content”.

3. Click on the letter “H” for “History” in the “Browse All Content / By Title” window.

4. Scroll through the list until you see the title “History of Western Art and Civilization” and click on it.

5. Now you can choose either “Start Course” or you can choose just one of the different parts of the “Course Content” on the right side of the screen.