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Dear Dr. Mishra

Good evening Sir. As desired, the questionwise response is as under:

(1)An overview of my experience in this online training:

The next decade is the age of distance educatin and this training will go a long way with us. Really this Online training is a great learning experience for me It has significantly sharpened my ICT skills. I have learnt how to prepare learning material for distance education. The lessons on the course design document and preparing the structure of a unit are very useful. They have really developed the skill of preparing SLM for distance education. This online training has generated a confidence in me to work in an Online file.

(2)Three things I liked the best during this Online training are:

  • (a) The work of each and every participant has been continuosly supervised by the coordinator.
  • (b) As soon as the problem of a participant is brought to the notice of the coordinator, the complete solution to the problem is immediately suggested by the coordinator with full interest and devotion.
  • (c) The Coordinator has always motivated the participants. He never forgot to appreciate the work done by the trainee.

(3)Three things I disliked during this Online training are:

  • (a) Some times the pace of the training was a bit fast.
  • (b) The time allowed to practice syntax at wikieducator was not sufficient for an average participant.
  • (c) For preparing good SLM, sufficient time was not afforded to the participants to think on the quality of the contents of SLM and to plan the sequence of the material uploaded.

(4) Content area that I think need further discussions is:

  • Practice of syntax at wikieducator

(5) Content areas missing in this Online training are:

  • (a)Plans of U.G C. and Government (if any) to encourage distance education in Five year Plans
  • (b) Mics. topics of general importance which are incidental to the use of compuers and mails etc. e.g. expected hazards if we leave our e-mail box without a proper logout, remedies available to an e-mail ID holder against unsolicited mails received etc.

(6) Suggestions (if any) for future Online training:

I am of the view that in future, on the commencement of the Online workshop, one week special preliminary training should be given to those participants whose field of work is not specialized in computer application. The participants who are on the teaching faculty of an Institution/university of traditional method of teaching, are not well trained in computer operating system. So they leg behiund the other participants whose field of work is through computer operation.