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Hi, everybody,

--It was a pleasant & first experience to learn wiki skills and to develop a SLM on a topic of my choice online with the help of participants and i am thankful for specially a well planned strategy of Dr. Mishra.I think this workshop has a grand success because it has achieved the goals without disturbing our routine and any extra expense.

--I liked most, the prompt reply and feedback of Dr. Mishra and few participants.

--The bad part for me is only power failure and slow speed of internet and sometimes server down, but anyhow, it is not a fault of workshop.

--I think there should be more interaction and attempt should be made for making group of common subject/interest.Formation of separate homogenous groups to develop SLM for Schools and for Higher education may be helpful in increasing interaction among participants.

--Care should be taken to reduce the dropouts.For this the first thing is to carefully selection of the participants.

--In future such more workshops should be organized.

--All trained participants should disseminate this knowledge among their colleagues and students and if possible use print media to aware public regarding online training programme/workshop/seminar etc.

Thanks to everybody. With best wishes to all, --Udsingh 12:52, 22 September 2008 (UTC) Ummed Singh,Ph.D.(Edu.) VNSG University, Surat-395007.