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(1)Give an overview of your experience in this online training.

This workshop was totally a transformative experience as Dr Mishra had promised in the very beginning.I enjoyed each and every moment of my time in the workshop.One thing which all of us will agree is that we came to realisation that ONLINE education is much more powerful than any other mode of education.

(2)List three things that you liked best during this online training.

First thing which I can say without any hesitation is that the credit for this grand success of the programme goes to Dr Mishra who has worked so hard for the workshop.

Secondly I wish to congratulate all the partcipants who have been so enthusaistic about the day to day exercises and new skills learnt by them.The learning environment so was so real that we never felt that we are studying in a virtual environment.

Lastly the instant feedback given by Dr mishra always kept us alert.

(3)List three things you disliked during this online training.

I do not think I came across any such incident which can be mentioned here.However I feel a bit bad about that I was not able to give more time for this worksop due to my personal and officail commitments

(4)List the content areas (if any) that you think need further discussion.

I think it would have been a little more exciting for us if we could have involved subject experts and taken their feedback about the content of our SLMs so that we could have had the feel of a collective effort of developing the SLM.

(5)List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training.

All the content areas were covered properly

(6)Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training.

It would be so nice if a similar workshop at a more advanced level can be organised so that we can again go through the same exciting time again.I am eagerly looking forward for such opportunities in future also