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1.Online Training: My Experience.
I am very happy to be a part of very successful online training programme under the leadership of DrMishra. Actually this is a new experience to me.. I have not attended a online course like this. Im not an expert in computer. Also Im having a computer which is very slow. But the support given by some of the friends here is remarkable . Friends motivated me with personal email when I have not done work on time. At one point when I thought of droping in the middle they motivated me to continue. Here I also remember Dr Mishra. This is a satisfying experience for me

2.Three things - I liked - in this online training.

  1. Guidance of Dr. Sanjay Mishra.
  2. Learned a new skill - Sense of satisfaction.
  3. Feedback given at appropriate stage, help as to correct

3. Three things I disliked during this online training.
Onely thing that I want to tell is that we are free from April last week to july last week. The workshop is organsed during the tight schedule (especially September) where i have even worked till 8 evening in college. that is why i was not able to completely in the Online training yet im satisfied .