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Hello Everybody,

It has been an enriching experience for me .It happened to be my first brush with e-learning . I had heard a lot about it but experiencing it has been an eyeopener .Strangely , I feel that the scope for new learning was more in this workshop as compared to other face 2 face mode workshops .

Overall it has been a wonderful experience , it seems very much like coming out of ur cocoon n seeing /rather realizing that beyond the secure world of urs there is a BIG world out there , with which u should interact to be a meaningful part of it.It helps u in realizing ur potentialities .It leaves a deep sense of satisfaction.

I Three things I liked best during this training would be...
a)Spontaneous n appropriate feedback provided by our facilitators,Dr Sanjaya Sir and other participants.
b)its asynchronous nature
c)its all India,multidisciplinary nature

IIThree things I disliked during this training...
a)people not responding to specific threads ( I was also a defaulter :))
b)somehow I felt the community interaction could have been more meaningful, had everybody participated enthusiastically in the discussions or otherwise.
c)can't think of any thing else, except for the drop outs ...

III I feel every content area was aptly covered in this workshop.

IV Topic which I would suggest for inclusion...
I don't know but can we have a session on e-learning ? Otherwise I was impressed by the comprehensive n well organized structure of this workshop.I specially liked the sesions on SLM preparation .

V More workshops... in this area should be organized , not just for SLM but for other Teaching Learning materials ,such as power point presentations.
Now , a very important suggestion : Please design a sequel to this workshop and once again allow me to be a part of it .

Thank you !

Best Wishes n warm regards,

Neetu Mishra