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Hi Everybody
1 I am Mamun A. Barbhuiya from Dhing College, Nagaon:Assam. I have learned a lot in joining the Training. It is of course a successful one in many respects-- designing SLM, wiki skills, interacting with participants and many more.Furthermore, almost all participants (except Dilip) are new to online training but we overcame the problems through discussion among ourselves and especially with Dr. Sanjaya Mishra.
2 Three things I liked most are

  • Active participation and collaboration of Group Members in the discussion.
  • Timely and quick intervention/suggestion of Online Facilitator when a problem(s)faced by any member participant.
  • Systematic presentation and sequence of Tasks.

3 I disliked (extremely sorry):

  • Replying in other threads (as I did unknowlingly)
  • Topics/ Units from different Disciplines/Subjects because I could not understand many topics except a few
  • Nothing more than this.

4 Further discussion is essential on

  • Creating and using of Templates
  • Navigation
  • Otherwise all content areas are skillfully covered.

5 I did not find anything missing 6 A few suggestions are

  • Wide publicity specially among teachers and teacher trainers.
  • Subject/ Discipline specific (if possible) so that more discussion/ interaction can be done.
  • More such training programmes should be launched with the help of UGCand Commonwealth Of Learning, at least 2 in a year.

With best wishes
Mamun A. Barbhuiya