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1.I am Letare Hemrom.This SLM training is my first online training.Before training I had no Idea of online training.I was thinking of some kind of video-conferencing.But this training was more than this.I get started with little hesitation.But very early in the training I felt comfortable.This was due to good support,feed back and encouragement.Some times in the middle of the training I lagged behind due to domestic and professional commitments.But I managed to complete the sessions in time.I am post graduate in DISTANCE EDUCATION.I felt this was additional help for me to understand the lessons and complete this training.I really enjoyed this training.

2.Three things I liked most in this training are-
a.Personal Support.
b.Collaborative effort.

3. The problem I faced due to MS-word version 2007 incompatibility;I disliked most.

4. I think the issue of copyright/copyleft needs further discussion.

5. I do not feel We missed anything.

6. I feel sorry for those friends who failed to complete this training.I see only 19 out of 36 participants succeed to upload SLM;although formative(during training) evaluation was a part of this training.I am concerned to know the reasons of drop out.I have gone through the data of questionnaire but failed to conclude .I am in a DRIP(data rich information poor) condition.I request Dr.Sanjaya to please convey the reasons for drop out.This can be averted in future training.

--Hemrom 06:29, 22 September 2008 (UTC)