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Hi Mission

  • Its very interesting and joyful to work with you and more in the preparation of the SLM.
  • Many an Ideas I got in the preparation of the same, and also it is very useful for me at this juncture.
  • I very much enjoyed your comments and to the maximum extent I think I fulfilled it.
  • Above all MissionJi, the support of yours seem to be marvelous and request you to continue the same to others who attend the workshop.
  • The participants who participated the workshop also did to a maximum extent. Sorry I could not make more comments on their subject since I am not an expert in all subjects.
  • Above all the experience which I gained through this 8 week workshop is excellent and illuminating one which I had never experienced before. It all happened because of our facilitator. Hats off to him. Bravo! Bravo!