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An overview of experience in this online training
The workshop is really wonderful learning experience for me. It given opportunities me to learn a lot of things about WikiEducator and how I could make best use of it. Futher, the training also imparted skill to me on self learming material development which certainly enhanced my capabilities in doing my job as Extension Specialist.

Three things that I liked best during this online training.

  • Friendly treatment by Dr. Mishra, Online facilitator
  • Regular Encouragement and
  • Simplified Guidance

Three things I disliked during this online training
Not a single thing I disliked during this training. I would like to thanks to Dr. Mishra for organising a nice training.
The content areas that I think need further discussion.
Content areas like Course desing, Content presentation and content analysis I think needed further discussion.
Content areas that I think were missing in this online training.
I think all content areas were taken up very well.
Suggestions for future such online training.

  • More skill training should be given on wiki skill.