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1.My experience in this online training.
I am sure all participants will agree with me that the whole workshop gave us a memorable learning experience and developed our capabilities as teachers. It also enriched us in terms of working as a team. It was a spirited endeavour of all. Rarely we get such opportunities. I am proud to have been a participant of it.

2.Three things that I liked best during this online training.
First, the spirit of the mentor Dr. Sanjaya Mishra who was the guiding light. He was so tolerant, encouraging and flexible. Without his concerned, motivated mentoring we would not have been able to complete it. It was a lesson in itself on how to lead a group.

Second, the depth of content and the whole approach of the workshop. It made us learn many things and build our confidence. We became better self-learners.

Third, the pace of learning was remarkable. We had the remarkable group that worked in with deep synergy. The personalised, amazingly prompt feedback was an extraordinary feature of this workshop (even late at night Dr. Mishra was available for guidance). He was a task master, perfectionist yet so gentle.

3. Three things I disliked during this online training.
I see nothing to dislike. I regret that many missed this great opportunity to complete the program.

4.List the content areas (if any) that you think need further discussion.
Please have something on e-learning. Can we get something more on Instruction Designing? Rest everything was there.

5. List content areas (if any) that you think were missing in this online training.
This is a compact program. We cannot expect heavens or expect to learn each and every thing. This is our initiation and now it is for us to move ahead. Dr. Mishra has put us on a fast track highway and it is for us to move ahead with gusto or ignore the path.

6.Your suggestions (if any) for future such online training.
Please inform me if you are planning more such programs. Why not conduct a follow-up program (say with a demonstration project done using the knowledge we have taken from this workshop?). There could be a next level of training, say, inclusive of e-learning, etc. We should be prepared to pay for this very useful knowledge.

-Amita Naik