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Any questions you may have after viewing this infomation please raise them with your math teacher Mr.mark.

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Do you find the topic relation to be a difficult one?
 If so the following information has been provided to help you.

A relation can be represented:

  • using an algebraic expression
  • by use of a relation/mapping/arrow diagram
  • as a graph


  • as a set of ordered pairs


There are 4 types of relations:

  1. one to one mapping.(1-1)
  2. many to one mapping. (M-1)
  3. one to many mapping. (1-M)
  4. many to many mapping. (M-M)

A function is a relation in which one or more numbers in the domain is mapped onto only one and only one number in the range. Thus a function maybe:

  • a one to one mapping or
  • a many to one mapping

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