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Creative Commons Advert


  • To raise awareness of Creative Commons, FOSS, FLOSS and GNU/Linux at a local and national level


  • Warrington School has endeavoured to use and educate its students in the above for 6 years
  • They run 33 recycled computers on a mixture of Ubuntu, Mint, Xubuntu, Sugar, Kubuntu and Debian
  • The school is supported by a large group of volunteers
    • From the Board of Trustees to Dunlug
  • Warrington has sought changes to the Ministry of Education Microsoft Agreement
  1. That would see MOE funding and supporting of FOSS in NZ schools the same way they do with proprietary software
  2. By using the GNU/Linux operating system Warrington save the Government $64 per computer per year on licence fees
  3. $2112 per year X 6 years = $12672
  • The Ministry of Education has made it clear that they will not Warrington for the saved licence fees
  • They are also no plans that we have heard of to support Open Source in NZ schools in the near future

Creative Commons School Art:

  • Warrington School's goals for the year are to finish their playground development

and expose their students to the arts

  • Warrington School has a wonderful new rebound wall
  • They find themselves urgently needing to fund the resurfacing of the play court that has suffered from water seepage
  • Urgently needing funding they are proposing to erect sponsored Creative Commons images
  • These images will be erected on panels attached to the rebound wall or
    • Painted on the new asphalt that comes into the school
  • Images will be Creative Commons images that support CC, FOSS, FLOSS, GNU/Linux

By Paying for arts you are supporting a school that:

  • Buys local, then NZ made and Fair Trade
  • Runs NZ's only Creative Commons by default radio station
  • Shares its knowledge of FLOSS to the wider community
  • Gives away spare GNU/Linux computers to communities near and far
  • Sponsors a child in Timor Leste
  • Has a stream resknowledetoration project
  • And

Warrington School is offering

  • FOSS advertising by linking a CC image on a school building or wall
  • To a picture on the school wiki

To provide a balance in advertising

  • We would like to paint a Creative Commons Advert on the Warrington School rebound wall
  • With one of the many
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