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At Red Beach School, we want all our students to leave being able to:
  • know how to relate to others and how to be a member of any community
  • to be able to learn on their own
  • know what to do when they don't know what to do
  • learn what I need to know to learn on my own

Featured project

The teachers at Red Beach School are currently experimenting with using a Powerful Learning Process to activate rich learning experiences for learners across curriculum areas. The powerful Learning process has 3 main areas, the 'get it', 'sort it' and 'use it'.

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Featured teacher

Our featured teachers today are Hellen Healey and Susan Delaney who work together in a job share arrangement teaching one of our Y4 classes.
This morning I watched while Hellen worked with the class investigating place value in numeracy. To do this the children worked with their fan numbers (all with one each) to display numbers focussing on the result of "adding tens and hundreds". To reinforce the concept Hellen and the children experimented with dollar values, such as what happens to our dollar notes when we add 20 to $457. The children were engrossed and engaged with the whole idea.

As an aside, Hellen integrated the school's Inquiry model, which we call Powerful Learning. As the children were working through their place value problems, she placed a very fancy silver hat on her head--the kids seemed to immediately know that this meant they would be discussing how they were learning powerfully. Their comments reflected this:- "We are now in the hub of the process, we are reflecting, we are imagining the numbers, we are asking ourselves questions."

A stunning example of the authentic use of the process of inquiry within the context of numeracy.


News and events

Red Beach School is new to Wiki Educator. 

We are excited to see how it can fit into our school Vision

Here's a page exploring how we are beginning to use online Student Learning Journals


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