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Workshop Title: COL/CTA/RUFORUM Web 2.0 Training for Research Support and Networking
Venue: Ridar Hotel, Mukono
Name: Rebecca Kiwanuka Lubinda
Institution:University of Zambia(UNZA)
Position: Lecturer II
Country: Zambia
Activities that I plan to implement after the training course Within 2 Months After 2 Months As Arises
Reviewing the Web 2.0 training materials to ground my understanding of the technology X
Prepare a report regarding the training course and submitting it to the Head of Department X
Upgrade existing departmental web page to enhance our visibility X
Develop Web 2.0 platform for collaboration in Developing Agribusiness Text books X
Formating and uploading materials for the courses I teach at the University and creating awareness of their existence and how they can be accessed by students X
Applying Web 2.0 tools in conducting collaborative research and supervison of students X