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The presentational ePortfolio will store the selected evidence or digital artefacts that the learner thinks that they will need for the interview or presentational situation.

It takes time for students to create and maintain an ePortfolio. It is important to provide learners with a reason for them to compile and maintain an ePortfolio. Without a good reason they will not want to 'waste' their time and effort.
As well as promoting the use of ePortfolios because they can support the learning process, the integration of use of high profile interview or presentational situations into a learners programme can often raise the value of the ePortfolio process in the students mind. This in turn will help to motivate them to set aside the time required to maintain the ePortfolio. The audiences gives 'value' to the process.
Applications could be:

  • final presentation of projects (school, business...)
  • later project exhibition
  • giving following projects something to tie in with
  • etc.