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November 26, 2009

GHS/CIR/ TERM 111 2009

All Parents/Guardians

Christian Greetings from Gayaza High School!

  • Today November 26, 2009 marks the end of Term III, 2009. We thank the Almighty God who has enabled us to sail through the term peacefully. Allow me, through this medium, to thank you for your active participation in the school activities, and for paying the fees dues in time.

UCE and UACE Examinations

The students were adequately prepared for the examinations, the briefing on direction and caution was done as scheduled. At UCE the school registered 186 candidates and 127 at UACE. All senior 4 students sat for all the papers they registered for. We pray that the remaining examinations for Senior 6 will be successfully completed.

Internal End of Year Examinations

The internal examinations were done as scheduled. Promotion has not been automatic. Those who did not meet the requirements for promotion to another class were not promoted.

Benevolent Fund

The committee of the Benevolent Fund nominated 3 girls to benefit from the fund. The school appreciates the parents’ contribution to the fund.


Owing to the swine flue scare, students have not participated in any games outside school. The normal games within the school continued as scheduled.

Co-curricular Activities

The Rotary Club of Kampala Sesse Islands gave a community award to the Jjajja Club. The Jjajja Club is the oldest club at Gayaza High School and reaches out to the elderly in the areas that surround the school. Currently club cares for 10 Jjajjas.

student participation

Stella Magambo 5B and Theresa Nankanja 5B participated in the African Initiative – Climate Change, National Essay Competition and emerged in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

Teachers in Workshops

I am glad to report that a number of teachers have represented the school by participating in various activities.

Mr. Ronald Ddungu

went to Swedish International Centre of Education. He participated in the presentations which were designed to change the way teaching is done in order to provide more meaningful education to learners.

Mr. Milton Chebet

Attended the World Innovative Educational Forum in Salvador Brazil in November. He made a presentation that had won him the Gold Medal in Mauritius - his project was “Conservation of Local Medicinal Plants through ICT” he appeals to parents to enlighten their children of indigenous knowledge especially of local medicine. The school would like to thank him for representing the school, Uganda and Africa in world forum.

Mr. Vincent Kizza

Attended a workshop in South Africa. He made a presentation in South Africa along the them: “The establishment of a training programme in entrepreneurship and business skills for Physics”.

Mr. Anthony Kagoro

Attended the Global and Climate Alliance Training of Trainers – in gender and climate change for trainers in Africa. This took place in Addis Ababa.

Mrs. Robinah Kizito and Mrs. Robinah Semitala

Are scheduled to travel to Georgia Atlanta U.S.A between 9th – 24TH Jan together with 12 girls. This is in a bid to promote school exchange programme.

Dormitory Report

The girls have kept their dormitories fairly clean. Some still keep unwashed cups and plates in their lockers! The overall annual cleanliness results for the whole year is as shown below:-

  1. Kennedy 2,348
  2. Hutchinson with 2,310
  3. Sherborne 2,288
  4. Corby 2,275
  5. Cox 2,275
  6. Kivebulaya 2,270
  7. Rhoda Nsubambi 2,252
  8. Ham Mukasa & Apollo Kaggwa 2,233


  1. Girls should bring circular mosquito nets.
  2. Only mattresses of 2½ft by 6ft by 4 inches should be brought.
  3. Only medium size grub bags should be brought.
  4. Only 3 pin-plug electric Irons are allowed in school.
  5. You are reminded to sign and fill in the holiday report.

Academic: Reminders

For UCE/UACE registration the following is required.

  • Senior 5 - 3 photocopies of UCE results slip
  • Senior 3 - 1 photocopy of p.7 results slip
  • For students who sat for other examinations other than P.L.E and UCE, they are required to take them to UNEB for verification.

Proposed Dates for Term 1, 2010

  • Term Begins on Tues. 2nd Feb, 2010 at 2.00pm
  • Visiting Day Sun. 14th March 2010 from 10.00a.m. to 5.00p.m.
  • Music, Dance & Drama on Sat. 20th March 2010 from 10.00a.m. to 5.00p.m.


The girls have brought back the following documents:-

  • End of Term III 2009 Report
  • Fees structure for Term 1, 2010
  • Health Report
  • End of Term III Circular


Thank you very much for your continued support and guidance. Kindly look after my girls properly. Our theme next year is:- “Leading a life of choice and not a life of chance”

Merry x-mas! Happy New Year!

Never Give Up!

Victoria Kisarale HEADMISTRESS