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Wiki Buddy Competencies

  • Pre-requisite skills: - WikiApprentice Levels 1 & 2

I am certified fo that level. Thanks to WE for the same.

  • Use of communication tools and educational layout features, including:
  • Using recent changes and history information :

I have tried that and it was easy as explained in tutorial (I put some content and then when to recent changes and the comparison of the two was seen and then I reverted back to earlier version.

  • Use of the WikiEducator mailing list

  • Leaving a message for a WikiEducator user in WikiEducator : I have left several messages in feedback section of various users.
  • Providing feedback or comments on a WikiEducator content page : I have done that too
  • Inserting a pedagogical template

a)User page to include at least 1 pedagogical template . This page has a pedagogical template. b)History of user page must show a revert of a "planned" mistake . This was done and the process is easy , the two screens ae seen and one can press edit to get the desired screen. The power of "Reverting Back is a great feature." The log summary actually tracks whatever is done. c)User contributions must show both a comment left on one of WikiEducator's content pages as well as a personal message posted to an active WikiEducator user. d)Introduce yourself to at least two WikiEducators by leaving a message on the relevant talk page - consider adding the WikiNeighbour template to your user page. e)Developed one lesson or content resource for WikiEducator (between 30 and 60 minutes of student learning time) f)Monitor & Track WikiEducator's Recent Changes page for opportunities for collaborative editing - in line with active pages (or projects) of interest to you make 2 edits per page. g)Adopt-a-User h)Provided evidence of demonstrating WikiEducator to a friend showing how it works.