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High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashanah is the first holiday which opens the new Hebrew year. Most of the time we do Rosh Hashanah at our house and my parents invite their brothers, sisters to celebrate with us. On this Rosh Hashanah we did at home again and I still think that this is more fun then to go to another house to celebrate even that last time at my uncle's house and I it was really nice to be with your all big family together and to talk with them about everything after long time that we didn't see each other. This Rosh Hashanah was the tastiest , my mother cocked for two days before the holiday some new

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If Sentences; 7 Future sentences: - If I go to eat, I will buy something to drink. - If I don't write this work,I will go home. - If Hila doesn't talk to me, I will talk to her. - If I don't have brain, I will not write this work. - If

Three Wishes

                           Three Wishes

The purpose of this essay is to show you how a person's life can be perfect. Three wishes can most of the time change your life from one side to the other.

Think that one day you wake up in the morning and you have everything you wish for, even your craziest wish. It would be the best thing you can wish for. Every person has his wishes, it's different from person to person but the common wish for everybody sometimes is money! Most of the people think that money can change their life, most of them will wish to have lot of money and to be rich. The other wish that most of the people can wish for them and the family is health, They can wish to be healthy all their life. The three wishes most of the time will be different from age to age, kids will wish to have some things and adult will wish other things.

Three wishes is to much for me, I need only one, my wish is to wake up every morning with smile on my face and to be happy all day all the day. I believe that this is the best wish that I can wish for me, happiness brings many things like health, money and many more...

In conclusion, three wishes will be a great thing for every person, this wishes can change a person's life from one side to the other.

Ran Hadar.

Predicting Earthquakes and animals

             Predicting Earthquakes and animals

There is a big connection between predicting and animals. The technology today can predict an earthquake before it happens. The scientist developed some devices that can help us to know when earthquakes and all the things that cause by can strike. The good thing about animals in this issue is that animals can replace these devices that the scientist developed.

Animals that are connected to the ground all their life can feel the earthquakes and most of natural phenomenon before the human beings. The explanation to this wonderful thing in animals is that animals most of their life is on the ground and every movement of the ground they can feel it before us. This sense of the animals can really help us to know when earthquake and other natural phenomenon can appear.

Predicting all this things can really help us to prevent the big disaster that will happen because of the natural phenomenon, many life can be save and more many things like property.

Ran Hadar,

Oral Bagrut

                         Oral Bagrut

Hello my name is Ran Hadar and I want to talk about how to prepare and succesed the oral bagrut this year.