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Third interview was from a man who fell off while driving a tractor and had injured his leg named Ramcharan. Here goes the interview.

Q. We all are students of 13.Sc. B. Ed I year from the Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal. We have a subject called Working with community in which we have to get the information on village people and tell you about us too for which we will be awarded 50 marks. So we will like to gather some information from you. Would you oblige us with it?

Ans. Yeah, obviously.

Q. What has happened to you?

Ans. I was driving a tractor and met with an accident. The tractor fell on me and I had fractured my left leg.

Q. Since when did this happen?

Ans. Eight months.

Q. Any Govt. help?

Ans. No. They damn care about us.

Q. What did you do on your own?

Ans. I have been plastered at the Vidisha hospital and it costed me 1000. See, what will happen when the plaster is removed.

Q. Where do you get medicines from?

Ans. From the Vidisha Market.

Q. How much does it cost in one month?

Ans. 100.

Q. What do you do now?

Ans. I am a farmer. I have some fields on which I grow rice or black grams.

Q. How are you doing your work now?

Ans. I have fields. Laborers are working there. My wife now supervises the work.

Q. What is your monthly income?

Ans. 1000.

Q. Is 1000 enough for your family?

Ans. Yeah, enough.

Q. Who are the other family members in your family?

Ans. A wife, 2 children. Both boys.

Q. Have all of them been given polio drops and all vaccinations that are given to children under the Govt. schemes?

Ans. Yes, all have been provided.

Q. By the look of your teeth, we guess you consume tobacco?

Ans. Tobacco and liquor too. We all take. Why, what has it got to do with you?

Q. Nothing. We just wanted to know why you do so.

Ans. We feel our pains reduced and get to work immediately.

Q. Do you know the consequences of it?

Ans. Whatever may be the consequences, who will do our work if we think of consequences?

Q. Do you observe simple but important things like cleanliness, sanitation, washing your hands before eating, washing dirty clothes regularly?

Ans. Yes, always. I even advise everybody.

Q. Where do you dump your garbage?

Ans. The area in front of the paper mill.

Q. Why there? Eventually, it would harm you and the people only.

Ans. Where will we dump then? Tell me.

Q. Any regular cleaning of this place from the Govt.’s side?

Ans. No.

Q. What’s your initiative? What do you and the people do?

Ans. Let me tell you, the village lacks unity that is required for the development oi tills place. If 1 do the initiative, some villagers will come and the others won’t come. So, what’s the use of it all?

Q. Why don’t you take up the matter in the Panchayat before the Sarpanch?

Ans. There are no toilets in the village. We had been promised for the same but nothing has been done. When such problems are not solved, who will listen to this? To stand before the Panchayat, one needs the whole majority of people to back him but as I told you, no unity is there.

Q. Does this house belong to you?

Ans. Yeah.

Q. What other property you have?

Ans. This house, the fields, one cow, two buffaloes.

Q. Thank you for the interview.

Ans. It’s my pleasure.