Rajapur Village

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"Rajapur Village"

Rajapur Village is a Village in Rupsha Upazilla in the city of Khulna of the Division of Khulna in Bangladesh. Khulna is the South Western divisions of Bangladaesh. The Village Rajapur is on the bank of Bhairab River which across the city of khulna by South Khulna and North Khulna. The Village Rajapur is one of the biggest and famous and historic village in North Khulna. Rajapur Village is situated within the Rupsha Upazilla and it is also known as a "Shar-Toly" of Khulna City. In Rajapur there are two biggest industries which created a lot of jobs for the citizens of greater Rupsha Upazilla. Among the two industries the Rupsha Salt Industries and the Popular Jute Mills Limited are the key job sources for inhabitans.

The Post Office Code of Rajapur is 9242 and Rajapur is one of the very incient villages with ancient history of Khan Jahan Ali, the Family of Singh and the family of Khaogen Paul. Rajapur Village has the history that goes all the way back to the 1600 AC. Sheik Hafizur Rahman and the family has very well resources for the community. One of the WikiEducator Abdul Haleem also from Rajapur. One of the International Cricket super star Sheik Salahuddin from Rajapur and he was the captain when Bangladesh Cricket team won the ICC Cricket in 1992. Dr. Rawshon Azam was one of the famous citizen who served Bangladesh Government as Thana Live Stock Inspector for 20 years. Village Rajapur is the village where Alam's family comes and make Rajapur famous with the name of Alam family.