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Make sure let your account efeat Captain-General Bordagor and claim the Grimwood Lumber-yard The Grimwood forest covering most of Hithlad is home to a lumber-yard established by a race of small, tasty folk. The rat-folk dwell far away from the lumber-yard, but the enemy is there now. What is worse, an Elf stands at the head of the enemy’s army.


Grimwood Lumber Yard, the sole supplier of wood to the armies of Angmar in the Ettenmoors, has been taken by the enemy. The Witch-king’s solution? Tell some lowly soldier to take care of it. Really, what kind of army sends one soldier to kill an enemy leader in the middle of their highly guarded base? The one you joined. On the bright side, Papa Sauron will cover the costs of your repair bills after you die. As far as keeps go, this one is the easiest to reclaim. Bordagor’s an “avenger” mob with about 135k Lotro gold pieces morale (hey, what elf wouldn’t be full of confidence when all their enemy can do is send soldiers at them one at a time). Bring about three fellowships and it should be overkill if there are no defenders.Rewards.