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“I will open a school for orphan children and will ban corporal punishments in schools and homes” This is what says ambitious Radha Lodi 3rd daughter of their parents is not at all satisfied with her studies and her Life. She feels if she would have born in a rich family, she would house studied more.

On asking about education backgrounds of her family, the girl says “Bapuji is 6th pass, my Ma is 3 pass & my 2 elder sisters are illiterate and are married at the age of 9 years.” Further she also says her 2 brother also study but the fees are not paid by Bapuji. They themselves go to the mill for majduri and pay their fees.

Why your father does not pay the fees? To this she says. “He gives away his money in gambling and beverage.” Don’t you ask him not to drink? “He never listens to us. When we resist him to do that he scolds us and says it is not of my business.” One day even he stopped my ma and hit me.

What do you want your Mukhiya to do? “I only want Mukhiya to close Sharab ki Bhatti”. What about the teachers of your school? How were they? Didn’t they say you to continue studying? Listening to this, she gave a long pause and says “What to say about my teachers. They always supported me in each and every way they could. They really taught me so many things which my parents also could not teach.”

And for this I really thank my brothers who always supported me to go to school. Finally tell, do you have any regression from yourself? Yah! I do have. My teachers always wanted me to study till 10th but I left the school in class 5th because of my father restriction