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Rupantar Institute of Folk Theatre (RIFT)

After having successfully completed a decade to make mass awareness through folk culture Rupantar established a program namely 'Rupantar Institute of Folk Theatre' Rupantar Institute of Folk Theatre identified local Folk singer and provides them necessary assistance to make people aware about their fundamental rights by this time RIFT already start its activities on this issue. Right now a total of 110 Folk Singer and Trainer are working continuously.

Rupantar Printing and Publication Ltd. (RPPL)

Rupantar from beginning attempt to start its various type of development activities for the grass roots people those who are less qualified for their easily understand and make them aware through leaflet and poster. With this continuous process Rupantar establish a press namely 'Rupantar Printing and Publication Limited' after the establishment of the RPPL provide assistance in the field of development through it publication like leaflet in the government organization and development organization. From now on Rupantar Printing and Publication Ltd other than publication Shilporup also preparing traditional handicraft drawing by jute and different type of bags for field, meetings, seminar and costume. Based on the ripe merchandise Shilporup making various design bag to supply over the country.

Rupantar Human Resources Development Institute (RHRDI)

Rupantar give emphasis to its entire employee to develop skill in the field of development. From the beginning Rupantar continue its training process along with other activities. In the sector of development in Bangladesh the demand of the Rupantar's training activities gradually increase consequently based on the demand Rupantar established its 'Human Resources Development Institute' in the year 2007. The Rupantar HRDI currently arranged special training program for local government representatives, development workers, disaster management workers, Citizen male and female representatives.

Rupantar Support Service (RSS)

From the beginning Rupantar give special training based on the modern and other technique in the field of development not only to its staff but also to the Government and non-government organization. Resulting last year Rupantar established a separate department in the name of 'Rupantar Support Services'. Current the department giving various type of assistance to the south-west region those who are already working in the organization and other organization during meeting and seminar.

Activity of Support Services:

  • All sorts of necessary support to accomplish the program
  • Provide Venue for training and its equipments
  • Arrange Food along with accommodation
  • Provide support in respect of communication
  • Deputation of Service Staff for smooth services
  • Provide necessary support related to documentation
  • Provide necessary equipments for broadcasting/announcement

Facilities of Support Services:

  1. Motorcycle = 29 Nos
  2. Vehicle = 10 Nos
  3. Multimedia = 02 Nos
  4. Photocopier = 03 Nos
  5. P.A. Set = 06 Nos
  6. OHP = 02 Nos
  7. Video Camera = 02 Nos
  8. Training Venue = 02 Nos
  9. Dormitory

Provide Support Services to other organization:

  • Training Venue
  • Food along with accommodation
  • Vehicles
  • Multimedia and OHP
  • P.A. Set
  • Video Camera

Support Services provide multi-services during CY-2007:

  • Training Venue for 62 Training
  • Accommodation for 2100 person
  • Vehicle used to perform activities 388300 Kilometer
  • Multimedia used for program activities 864 hours
  • Photocopy done 109550 for documentation

Future Plan:

  • Establishment of a Vehicle Pool