RUPANTAR/Programs of Rupantar/Environment and Disaster Management Program

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Community based disaster risk management project (CBDRMP)

Major Focuses of the project Disaster preparedness training for disaster mitigation and management with community participation

Major Output of the project The Disaster Management Committees at the Union and Upazilla level are trained for effective preparedness and disaster mitigation measures

Project Area 6 Unions under Mongla, Dacope & Batiaghata Upazilla of Khulna and Bagerhat districts

Funding OXFAM-GB

Project Duration March 2001 to April 2010

Small Scale Water Resource Development Sector Project

Major Focuses of the project Awareness campaign for the stakeholders of the projects of SSWRDSP-II

Major Output of the project The stakeholders are united to get formed into cooperatives for the water management at their own locality

Project Area 61 districts of Bangladesh (excluding the Hill-tract districts)

Name of the Donor LGED-ADB

Project Duration July 2002 to June 2009