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Local Level Governance :

  • Citizen's have interest and scope to participate in Union Parishad activities.
  • The aware grassroots people can play their roles in making the LG accountable and transparent.
  • Joint initiatives of Local Elected Bodies (LEBs) and Citizens have increased tax collection remarkably.
  • Citizens show unity to get and bargain for local level services.
  • Interaction between the LEBs and the Citizen leaders has increased. LEBs efficiency towards UP & management is increasing.
  • LEBs show non-partisan attitude for policy reform and ending bureaucratic control over UP.
  • Popular LEBs can maintain community harmony through local arbitration. National level UP Networking can play vital role in policy reform of local government.
  • There is a demand for political/democratic education by the grassroots male-female.

Women Political Empowerment:

  • Without any service delivery or micro-financing NGO can develop right-based women organization at local government level.
  • Without any service delivery or micro-financing NGO can develop right-based women organization at local government level.
  • Organized women leadership can be elected at Union Parishad and various local level committees.
  • Local level women organization can ensure prevention of violence against women and also can protest against any violence.
  • Women organization play important role in arbitration in favor of poor women and children victims.
  • Interaction between the women leaders and LEBs ensure local services for the women and vulnerable community.
  • Women organizations can support issue based awareness campaign at the grassroots level.
  • Women leaders can contest in general seats of Union Parishads against male candidacy.
  • The women leaders take part in various social initiatives as development change agents.

Violence against Women and Children:

  • Gender awareness at school and college level can reduce teasing and harassment.
  • Protest by the women and media campaign assist in getting justice for victims.
  • Grassroots women are interested to get united against Domestic Violence.
  • At the Union level male-female support group can reduce violence against women and children.


  • It is essential to initiate activities at source level to combat trafficking of women and children
  • At the border belt joint initiatives from the LEBs, Civil society and NGOs at the UP level can effectively combat rafficking.
  • Cross-border GO-NGO initiatives need to get started in combating trafficking.

Environment and Disaster Management :

  • Folk media awareness campaign makes grassroots people responsive to the conservation of the environment.
  • Civil society and forest users' initiatives can reduce corruption in Sundarbans sector.
  • Special Day observation (Sundarban day) and media campaign has great role in the conservation of the Sundarbans.
  • Activating Union level disaster management committees can ensure local peoples participation in disaster management and mitigation.
  • Union-wise and Upazilla-wise Disaster Action Plan can reduce vulnerability in disaster prone areas.
  • Theatre education at school level has vital role in ensuring quality education and reducing drop-out.
  • The students will have their psycho-social development.
  • The students are getting aware on child rights. Teachers and Parents are united to protect child rights.