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Where are we at in terms of the use of information and communication these days?


  1. Look at a news reader
  2. Subscribe to a feed
  3. mashup feeds, podcasting, technorati search feeds (identity/managing distributed ID)


  1. look at blogs - list features (small groups)
  2. create a blog - talk about how it works in education (inernal and external services) - Moodle/Blackboard are not real blogs.
  3. network blogging - RSS, mashups, comments, vblogs, audioblogs, moblogs


  1. looking at wikipedia - wikieducator - moin moin
  2. create a profile page in wikieducator - tutorials for later ref
  3. educational uses of wikis - collabrative document authoring, note taking, thematic webquests, wikispaces

Educational applications

  • blogs verses forums
  • IM>forums>blogs - a spectrum
Instant Messages - socialising (secondlife)

Extra tools

  • skype
  • youtube,, eyespot
  • google maps, docs,
  • start pages and portals -

Case Study One Blogs as a vehicle to hand work in (Leigh)

Language learning. wikis, blogs and Youtube =

Case Study: Blogs as reflection

Konrad. Blog of Proximal development


Inevitable that it becomes distributed. Technorati search feed. PageFlakes

issues with elearning 2.0

following are notes from a discussion about the idea of eLearning 2.0 and education

power and schooling

  • social constructivism
  • who is in charge?
  • learning maturity - self direction, empowered, literacy?
  • assessment, credentialism, legislation, feedback from someone more experienced
  • informal learning - Jay Cross
  • Explicit approach to and learning


  • no one wants to be made to feel inadequate by tech
  • myth of digital natives - M Prensky
  • learners have less fear, more comfortable