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Help Project RITED Revolutionize Education Through Technology

Technology use in schools is gaining momentum. To fuel this growth, educators need data. With your help, we can present the real-world picture of 'what works' to others to help them avoid pitfalls and be successful.You understand the power of technology to transform. We need your help so everyone else will.

We are conducting a national survey to analyze what’s working in technology-transformed schools and to show how technology can save money when properly implemented.

1. You are one of the leaders who is helping students learn by using a number of tools, including technology.

2. A systematic review of 'what works' in your school with rich technology will help inform other school leaders about how to effect change.

As one of the 'leading edge' schools in the Uganda (one of only 100 schools we have identified with technology), we need your frank answers to important questions. You can help others learn from your experience by completing the survey.

When you have completed the survey, you will be scheduled to receive a complimentary copy of the survey findings with our thanks!

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