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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RAAM a Charity?

More than half of the racers use RAAM as a platform and event to raise funds for various charities. In each of the past four years, racers raised more than $1,000,000. Peter McCrory will be raising funds for WikiEducator - to train teachers in Africa.

Who's Behind RAAM?

The RAAM Management Team

Fred Boethling, Perry Stone and Rick Boethling - bring considerable breadth and depth of business and race experience to bear on the race. We are all race veterans. We've been there. We know what's in the hearts and minds of racers and crew.

Planning to Compete in the RAAM?

Whether you are a soloist or a member of a team what wishes to take part, it is advisable to plan for the race, interms of logistics, at least a year before the planned start date. With regards to training, one has to consider the level of fitness of the individual prior to even thinkin about taking on a challenge of this magnitude. If the individual is not accustomed to exercise, let alone cycling, then it could be that at least 2 years of structured training would enable a person to get to the startline in a good enough condition that may allow them to finish the race, especially as a soloist. Typically solo competitors have evolved from a background in cycle racing, pro-cycling, audax riding and/or ultra-endurance cycling (similar to audax in many respects). However there is, of course, the issue of RAAM qualification if a person is considering the race as a lone cyclist. There are designated qualifying events and one is also able to submit time trial (TT) results based on a 24hour TT.

A Cautionary Note

A word of caution here as this is no mean undertaking, and requires a considerable amount of training, knowledge of oneself, mental toughness and experience. If in any doubt about one's level of fitness, expecially if one is undertaking a new regime of training then it is highly recommended that medical advice is sought regarding the volume and intensity of training that one should participate in initially. Also it is worth speaking to experienced and suitably qualified coaches in Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Physiology, and biomechanics prior to starting training.

(Comment.gif: Peter - good stuff... who is this for - you can make it a bit more personal, if you like - i.e., if the individual vs. if you... etc. Randy Fisher 15:49, 9 December 2009 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Randy - thanks, I am just adding a few thoughts to the page. I was not sure if it had to be in the 3rd person or not. I will keep adding to it as and when I get the chance. Small steps... I am off to train now and cycle home in the dark..another 20miles!! Peter McCrory 16:07, 9 December 2009 {UTC)}

Peter, you can write in any way that you like, try to make it in the 'voice' that you are naturally comfortable...; enjoy the ride! - Randy}}