R.E.L.A.X Developing the Caribbean Child

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What is A RELAX The relax is not a substitute for parents but an institutions of teachers that would assist parents in preparing their children in building a strong self awareness, the building of healthy human relationships and life skills to be achieve and successful in base on their life born purpose, not base no vain measurement according to man but a measurement that would sustain development and growth. To assist the children in understanding the value of education, being educated and the practical application of education in their daily life.

Need for RELAX RELAX is an attachment to the regular school schedule and would be delivered after the regular school hours. To deliver the following:


To help children understand the practical use of education and how to applies/how it applies in the real world and their daily life.


To achieve the vision the children must be made aware of the meaning and value of education and being educated  in the modern world. This is to be achieved through the establishing of a RELAX.


   *Program Components 
  • Child-centered, Active, Participatory and Cooperative Learning.
  • Innovative, Flexible Curriculum relevant to childrens' daily life.
  • Effective, practical and ongoing teacher training.
  • Strategies for Parent participation and involvement in the learning Process.
  • New Roles for teachers and facilitators of learning
  • Interaction with Internet and web tool and Games
   *Short-Term Outcomes
  • Improved Self Esteem academic and practical achievement.
  • Improve understanding of education.
  • Improve relationship between the School and Parents.
  • Improve life skill pertaining to the ability to relate to society.
  • Introduction of technology into the educating of student.
  • Improve parent—children relationship
  *Long-Term Outcomes
  • Insure that children are directed on the right path to start their destiny
  • Reestablish the concept of good family.