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The quiet revolution: from blogging into web 2.0

Still, there is something I have omitted up to the moment: it is the fact that my school is a private pre-k to 4th grade ( children from 3 up to 9/10 years of age). There is a tendency to think that in these classes we should not use technology in the same way because the kids are starting to learn how to read and write and master several motor skills which might be hindered by the use of computers and audio/video products.
They are almost the same reasons our parents gave in the sixties to stop us from watching TV or reading comics.
The point is: we must adapt to a new reality and we shouldn’t be hiding our heads in the sand just as ostriches do. So the way is ahead, and there is no going back.

--José Romão 14:41, 19 December 2009 (UTC)