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How do I download The Lord of the Rings Online/Mines of Moria client digitally?


This download includes all Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria content.

This free download of The Lord of the Rings Online is for any users who want to obtain The Lord of the Rings Online client.

This download is for North American Turbine accounts only. European Codemasters accounts will not be able to use this client to access LOTRO.

Please note that your LOTRO account must be Mines of Moria enabled in order to access the Mines of Moria content. If your account is not Mines of Moria enabled, this digital download is still recommended. Trial accounts are Mines of Moria enabled.

Both standard-resolution and high-resolution versions of this download are available to choose from in Step One.

Before you begin downloading The Lord of the Rings Online, please make sure that you note the system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows? XP Processor: Intel Pentium? 4 1.8 GHz or equivalent RAM: 512 MB Video: 64 MB NVIDIA? GeForce? 3 or ATI? Radeon? 8500 Disk Space: 11 GB available DirectX: DirectX? 9.0c Optical Drive: 2x DVD-ROM Internet: 56kbps Modem

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows? XP / Vista Processor: Intel Pentium? 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent RAM: 1 GB Video: 128 MB NVIDIA? GeForce? FX 6800 or ATI? Radeon? X850 Disk Space: 15 Lord of the Rings Online Gold available DirectX: DirectX? 9.0c Optical Drive: 2x DVD-ROM Internet: Broadband DSL/Cable

If you are running below any of these requirements, you may encounter graphical issues or poor overall performance.

To begin downloading the Mines of Moria client digitally, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. For the standard-resolution version, click HERE. For the high-resolution version, click HERE.

When the file download dialog box launches, click Save. Save the Application onto your Desktop.

Step 2. Double-click on the icon on your desktop named LOTRO-US-MinesofMoria-Downloader-StandardRes.exe

Step 3. A 'Save To -- LOTRO Downloader' window will appear. Click Next.

Step 4. Mines of Moria is now installing. A total of 11 files must be downloaded before completion.

The 11 files are: MoriaSetup-1.bin MoriaSetup-2.bin MoriaSetup-3.bin MoriaSetup-4.bin MoriaSetup-5.bin MoriaSetup-6.bin MoriaSetup-7.bin MoriaSetup-8.bin MoriaSetup-9.bin MoriaSetup-10.bin MoriaSetup.exe You can determine the download speed and estimated time remaining by viewing the 'Progress' statistics.

Step 5. Once the download has completed, open the LOTRO_MinesofMoria folder on your desktop and double-click on the MoriaSetup.exe file to begin installation.

When prompted,click Install.

Step 6. Click Next.

Step 7. Specify which method of installation you prefer, then click Next. Express is the default selection.

Step 8. Read and accept The Lord of the Rings Online End User License Agreement (EULA). Click 'I Agree'.

Step 9. Read the 'Getting Started' information. Click Next.

Step 10. Setup will now check your system for software requirements. Click Next to begin installation.

The Lord of the Rings Online is now installing.

Step 11. Setup has finished installing The Lord of the Rings Online. Click Finish to exit Setup.

Once you have The Lord of the Rings Online installed on your computer, it will automatically launch and begin patching up to the latest version.

If you have already created a LOTRO account, you can uncheck the 'Activate your Product Key now' box.

NOTE: If your download is slow, it may be due to your download rate settings on the Launcher's Options Panel.

To access the Launcher's Options Panel:

Click on the arrow at the top right of your launcher Click on Options Click on Updates The 'Limit Average Download Rate to' option will allow you to increase/decrease your download rate settings.

Once your client is completely patched up, just enter your Username and Password, click 'Log In', and you're ready to log you account enter Middle-earth and make Lotro gold and power leveling!