Quality enhancement through eLearning

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  • To link the learner to cope with the demands of new technology oriented world.
  • To change the system education.
  • To necessiate revitalization and reorientation of system of teacher education.

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*Betterment of teacher education by ensuring the Quality Enhancement.
  • Rationalizing concerns and prospects in terms of strategies ahead.
  • Identifying key to improving communicational skills.
  • Integrating implicational demands.
  • Offering professional supports.
  • Required Interventions for developing and sustaining motivation.
  • Futures' Disposition.

Project Plan

Mile Stones

  • Consequent Govt/Non Govt policy and plan perspectives i.e.MLL,OBB,SOPT,PROPEL etc.
  • Rigidity of Conventional mode of the system i.e. Curriculum, Schedule, Place and Clientel etc.
  • Flexibility/Comprehensibility of alternative mode in terms of efficacy.
  • Equality verses Equity.
  • Accessibility/Universality in terms of learners' group, community, region etc.
  • Availability of Techno Knowhow.

Operational Design

  • Target and Schedule.
  • Required Interventions.
  • Merging on-line with conventional mode.
  • Improving communicational skills.
  • Integrating Feedback.
  • Offering Professional Support.

Methodical Frame work

  • Creating e-learning Environment.
  • e-Learning Exposure through Workshops, Seminars, Discussion Boards,Surfing and Chating etc.
  • Producing and disseminating e- learning contents.
  • Assessing and Evaluating available e- learning material.
  • Identifying and recognizing e-learners' contributions.
  • Assisting self learning in building self confidence.
  • Internalizing the notion of failure in terms of opportunity availed.

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Self Assessment

*Accessibility.*Quality Dimensions.
  • Critical Remarks.


Prof Geeta Rai, BHU, India; Dr. Dhananjai Yadav, AU, Allahabad, India.